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  1. Multi-Cell/Multi-Branch Tray Efficiency Model - a technical overview of a tray efficiency model and its application to various high capacity trays as well as multiple pass conventional trays.
  2. Distillation: An Introduction - probably the best introduction to the basics of distillation. For an interested lay person or a technical professional that hasn't done much distillation work but is interested in the subject.
  3. - basic information on food alcohol distillation focused on tequila production.
  4. Online Distillery Network - fuel ethanol distillation information.
  5. Reactive distillation resources. Some material on reactive distillation at the University of Oldenburg.

Petroleum Refining

Operating Companies

  1. BP Amoco - background information on BP Amoco.
  2. Caltex - background material on Caltex. More emphasis on community relations and investor relations than technical material.
  3. Chevron - background material on Chevron. More emphasis on community relations and investor relations than technical material.
  4. Elf - background material on Elf. Mainly oriented to production and marketing. In French and English.
  5. Eni - background material on Eni-Agip. Well organized site. Mostly marketing, community affairs, and investor relations information. Some basic technical information for the general public. In Italian and English versions.
  6. Exxon - background material on Exxon. More emphasis on community relations and investor relations than technical material. Good linkage to web pages for many Exxon subsidiaries.
  7. Fortnum (Neste Oy) - Finish oil, gas, refining, and marketing company.
  8. OMV - Austrian oil and refining company. Basic company information. Both German and English versions.
  9. Phillips 66 - Site includes MSDS (material safety data sheets) on Phillips products as well as an annual report. Rest of site includes environmental and general information.
  10. Premcor - Basic information on operations of Premcor, Inc.
  11. Repsol - Basic information on the operations and products of Repsol. In Spanish.
  12. Sasol - A hard to characterize company. Large parts of its business are in petrochemicals as well as synthetic crude production. Site includes a basic description of some of Sasol's process technology.
  13. Saudi Aramco - Portal to Aramco sites. Very good on-line technical information in Journal of Technology.
  14. Statoil - an interesting site with North Sea production information and crude assays available on-line. In both Norwegian and English.
  15. Valero - background material on Valero. Basic information. Oriented to community and investor relations.

Support Companies

  1. Canadian Tower Scanning - Gama scanning
  2. Gamma Surveys - Gamma scanning
  3. Scanning Technologies, Inc. - Gamma scanning, neutron backscatter, other support services
  4. Triton Analytics Corporation - gas chromatographic, mass spectroscopic and titrimetry analysis of petroleum fractions.
  5. Air-Dispersion - Consulting on air dispersion and related issues. Full text technical articles available on site.
  6. Split-Flow - Specialized pumps for energy conservation and combination of multiple services into one casing.


  1. Coking - overview of coking status, news and coking information with a discussion forum. Target audience is professionals in the refinery coking field.
  2. Piping Design - on-line resources for piping design.

Business Services

  1. Dixon Consulting Services - Business consulting services for technology commercialization: market evaluations and assessments: proposal development: vendor evaluation.

Chemical Companies

Operating Companies

  1. Allied-Signal - Corporate umbrella site including basic company and product information. Links to many other company sites including speciality chemicals divisions.
  2. Cambrex - Corporate umbrella site for a group of speciality chemical companies. Basic info.
  3. Dow - background material on Dow Chemicals.
  4. Dupont - background material on Dupont. More emphasis on community relations and investor relations than technical material. Some material on history of chemical innovation as it applies to DuPont products and processes.
  5. Nepera - small speciality chemicals manufacturer. Basic info.


Distillation History

  1. Engines of Our Ingenuity: Maria the Jewess, No. 964
  2. Engines of Our Ingenuity: Brandy, No. 323
  3. Engines of Our Ingenuity: Brandy, Wine, and Beer, No. 396
  4. John French on the Art of Distillation (1651)
  5. National Refining Company History (Coffeyville, Kansas)


  1. AIChE - American Institute of Chemical Engineers - general chemical engineering resources
  2. API - American Petroleum Institute - Petroleum production and refining organization
  3. FRI - Fractionation Research, Inc. - Research on distillation equipment design and utilization
  4. IASTED - International Association of Science and Technology for Development
  5. IChE - Institution of Chemical Engineers (UK) - general chemical engineering resources
  6. NPRA - National Petrochemical and Refiners Association - petroleum refining resources

Magazines, Journals, Conferences, and On-Line Resources

  1. Chemical Engineer's Resource Page - web site with chemical engineering information and resources.
  2. Chemical Processing - concentrates on equipment side of chemical industry, some management material.
  3. CONTROL Magazine - Control (mostly oem) specific material
  4. Global Engineering Documents - commercial source for a wide range of standards and documents
  5. Gulf Coast Conference(TM) - local conference on analytical chemistry techniques
  6. Hydrocarbon Online - on-line hydrocarbon industry resources and technical information
  7. Hydrocarbon Processing - hydrocarbon processing industry specific technical magazine
  8. Oil and Gas Journal Online - overall news and technical information for the oil and gas industry
  9. - general on-line forum of process industry news and information
  10. Refinery Technology Online - petroleum refining technology. A tremendous resource of chemical processing, equipment, and operating unit information. Covers equipment with comments and discussion relevant to many chemical processes, not just petroleum refining.


  1. Adobe PDF Reader download site - download a free reader for PDF (portable document format) files
  2. Butterworth-Heinemann - Technical book publishers
  3. On-line oil industry job hunting -


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