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Discussion Panel

Steve Rosenblum
Des Plaines, IL

Edward Zecchini
Phillips Petroleum

Doug Burgan
Citgo Petroleum Products

Andrew W. Sloley

1313 Bay St.
Bellingham, WA 98225

*current affiliation

Discussion Panel at the
National Petrochemical and Refiners Computer Conference
2 October 2001

Abstract copyright Andrew W. Sloley
All rights reserved

Questions were taken from attendees at the meeting. The questions responded to by the panel included:

  1. What experience do users have with putting proprietary thermodynamic data into models? How do owners of proprietary thermodynamic data protect the information?
  2. Will open equation modeling replace sequential simulators? How do you initialize open equation models?
  3. How do we help users get started in using models? How do we make initial model usage easier?
  4. How do you manage assay data to avoid having to redo assay input between LP models, optimization models, and process simulators?
  5. We have problems matching vacuum column operations? What needs to be done to make models more accurate?
  6. Should vendors and technology companies be selling answers to client companies rather than solution tools?
  7. For low fideltiy models - an example is operator training models - what types are available and can you use the same tools that high-fidelity models (process simulators) use to develop low-fidelity models?
  8. How and where are data reconciliation systems being used?

Full transcripts are not available.

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