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Andrew W. Sloley
The Distillation Group, Inc.*
P.O. Box 10105
College Station, Texas 77842-0105

Published in
Hydrocarbon Processing
December 1998

Abstract copyright A.W. Sloley

Traditionally, a new year starts with resolutions of good intent. What resolutions can we make to better do our jobs in the coming year? What do we always intend to do but never quite manage? Think about some items on this list for the coming year.

  1. Do you know your operators?
  2. Can you name five technology changes in your area from last year?
  3. Have you checked your work habits recently?
  4. Have you considered industry changes? Is your career plan up-to-date?

Keeping up with change takes time. Everyone has too little time to do everything in their job. But keep the long term objectives of success in your job and career in mind, do not let fire-fighting steal away all the time from learning and preparing for the future.

3 pages.
Electronic version available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format file A006.PDF 78k.

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