Where Are We The Value of Benchmarking Done Properly

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Andrew W. Sloley
The Distillation Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 10105
College Station, Texas 77842-0105

Published in
Hydrocarbon Processing
December 1999

Abstract copyright A.W. Sloley

As we get ready to enter the last year of the millenium, many of us will use some time to take stock of where we are and what we want to do. Stock taking helps us meet our personal goals of how to get what we want and need out of life. Have you applied the same questions to your plant or job lately?

Where are we? Where do we go now? Without knowing where we stand today, mapping a path to more effective unit performance is impossible. Without knowing where we want to go, why worry about where we are today? After all, without a destination in mind, your plant performance will wander aimlessly.

Questions are easily asked, but more difficult to answer. Today, let's look at the first question, "Where are we?" How do we answer this question?

Benchmarking, the process of establishing known performance parameters for comparison purposes, gives us the answer to the question of where we are today. However, benchmarking does not come in a one size fits all approach. The details of how you do your benchmark differ based on the type of objectives you want to move toward. A benchmark to decide on strategic investments to purchase one plant versus another is very different from a benchmark to decide on how to invest to improve a specific unit's operation. Levels of detail differ and factors to include also differ.

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