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Technical Information Request Instructions

  1. Requests for technical papers should be sent to "andrew dot sloley at VECO dot com" (sorry about this, but it helps reduce junk mail).
  2. The number of the paper requested should be in the subject line. The leading zero is required for paper numbers below 100. (i.e. use 042, do not use 42).
  3. Request a reasonable number of papers.

Common errors why papers are not received include:

Please check all of these before contacting us asking why papers have not arrived.

Abusive requests or repetitive failure messages from specific e-mail domains may result in those domains being ignored by our system.

We transmit files for electronic release in Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document format).

To keep the size of a single message below common server file size limits, files may be transmitted in batches of messages.

The Adobe Acrobat can be read with many web browser packages' plug-ins and via the Adobe Acrobat software. You can download the Acrobat software via FTP from Adobe’s web site. There is no charge for this download.

With older laser printers and laser printers with less memory, printing problems can arise with the graphics in certain papers. If this happens, (1) try using a laser printer with more memory or (2) use a GDI printer - this includes most inkjet printers.

This page updated 29 April 2007
© 2007 Andrew W. Sloley