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Every day operators and technical support engineers make decisions that affect your profits. Training in the operation, design, and troubleshooting of product recovery adds to your bottom line. The Distillation Group, Inc. offers on-site training seminars targeted to improve day-to-day operations of your units.

Our Approach

Our courses emphasize the practical use of material presented. Theory is introduced and covered to the extent necessary to insure understanding of correct principles for practical use. However, the real heart of the material concentrates on the many aspects of application of knowledge to the plant. Principles are presented, then examined in application in case studies from actual operating units.

DGI uses a modular approach to courses and seminars. This allows us to readily change the amount of emphasis on specific areas. If, after reviewing a detailed course outline, you wish to allocate the time spent in different areas, please do not hesitate to tell us. Modules can be added, subtracted, or re-ordered with minimal effort. Of course, customization for with specific examples and content for your plant is available as well.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Our approach is customized to your audience. We group together the required modules to fit your personnel and objectives. Some of our most popular combinations of modules are available in prepackaged sets: Advanced Distillation Technology, Process Troubleshooting, and Introduction to Petroleum Refining, Crude Petroleum Distillation.

Training for a Solution that Fits

Our training helps your operators and engineers optimize a broad range of different refinery recovery units. Selected examples, meaningful for your units, emphasize the basic points and show how to approach real problems and produce results. Training is held in small groups to increase involvement and keep everyone's interest high. Specific sections can be customized to fit your plant and process to improve applicability and knowledge retention.

Don't settle for off-the-shelf training for your plant's specific needs. Get a customized package that includes what you need to optimize your operation and increase your profits.

Our Most Popular Packages

Our most popular training packages group together the following material:

Introduction to Refinery Processing

An introduction to the oil refinery, its technology, major process, and operations. A seminar suitable for engineers, managers, operators, and others with a need to understand refinery operations and economics. Modules cover both the overall refinery and the major refinery units. Each process unit section includes a review of the objectives, feeds, products, processes, technology, major equipment, and performance of that unit.

This seminar is available in two-day or three-day packages to meet your needs. Client specific configurations can be made by mixing the modules from the two-day and three-day seminars to include the material required to meet your specific needs. Additional modules, not in the standard packages, can be added as well.

Distillation Technology

An introduction to the fundamentals of distillation processes and equipment for process plant engineers and operators. This seminar concentrates on a comprehensive overview of distillation processes and equipment. Critical aspects of distillation fundamentals and equipment operation are emphasized. Mutliple case studies of standard and special services are included to illustrate the application of concepts to daily operations and improving plant performance and profits. Customized versions can be prepared for specific clients.

Advanced Distillation Technology

Advanced distillation concepts for engineers, troubleshooters, and senior operators.

Process Troubleshooting

Immediately useful concepts and techniques for plant troubleshooting. This is intended to be a practical course rather than a design course. Nevertheless, many design issues are covered to provide the underlying understanding required for effective troubleshooting. The target audience is field engineers, operators, and plant troubleshooters. However, design engineers will find many lessons here as well.

Crude Petroleum Distillation

Crude distillation units are involve complex linkages of heat and material flows in the process sequence. These units often run poorly due to mis-understood constraints and lack of knowledge of fundamental operating choices. These two seminars concentrate on immediately useful concepts for plant operation and design. This course has two versions:

Operator Seminar for operators involved in day-to-day operations, troubleshooting, and optimization of crude units.
Engineer and Advanced Operator Seminar intended to be a higher level operations and design symposium for engineers and senior operators. Many additional fundamental concepts required for unit design, complex troubleshooting and optimization are included.

The crude distillation course covers processing of crude through the different parts of a crude distillation unit. The material covers the objectives of crude processing, process considerations, equipment considerations and troubleshooting. Extended material covers a variety of advanced topics. Multiple case studies are used to illustrate the relative importance of different points.

Modules and Seminar Construction

For those interested in putting together specialized training packages for their personnel, we can mix-and-match modules from different seminar packages to meet your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us with specific questions about putting together a program for your company.

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