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Crude Petroleum Distillation

Crude distillation units are involve complex linkages of heat and material flows in the process sequence. These units often run poorly due to mis-understood constraints and lack of knowledge of fundamental operating choices. These two seminars concentrate on immediately useful concepts for plant operation and design. This course has two versions:

Operator Seminar for operators involved in day-to-day operations, troubleshooting, and optimization of crude units.
Engineer and Advanced Operator Seminar intended to be a higher level operations and design symposium for engineers and senior operators. Many additional fundamental concepts required for unit design, complex troubleshooting and optimization are included.

The crude distillation course covers processing of crude through the different parts of a crude distillation unit. The material covers the objectives of crude processing, process considerations, equipment considerations and troubleshooting. Extended material covers a variety of advanced topics. Multiple case studies are used to illustrate the relative importance of different points.

Seminar Topics

Crude Processing and Process Options

Major Process Steps and Equipment

Operation, Control, and Troubleshooting

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